Wednesday, January 7, 2009

One Month Ago

Our little family, plus one, went to Disney World (Yay!) So, now is a good time to upload some pictures, don't you think?

Here the kids are posing in front of the Welcome to Florida sign. Trust me, it's there. We love this rest area/welcome center because it means that we are about two hours away from the House of Mouse, and they give you orange and grapefruit juice, for free even! The kids love it because they pick up all kinds of tourist fliers that will litter my car to this day.

Here Andy is getting a massage, from a chair. Doesn't that look comfortable?

One funny/creepy story from this rest area/welcome center. Now normally I don't partake in the finer study of bathroom stalls - I mean it just isn't something I enjoy doing. Everyone thinks I'm weird, but I'm sure others agree with me. Plus, they aren't always the cleanest of locations.

Anyway, last year I had no choice, and just HAD to use the facilities. So, I did my thing and I'm trying to get some paper, darn thing would give me two, maybe three sheets at a time, single-ply. Anyway, it took a while and had a noisy roll. Apparently, the noise attracted a crowd, well one guy. One guy standing right outside my stall. I mean right outside, as in I open the door and Hello!

"Uh, hi."

"So, did you use enough?"


"Did you use enough paper?"

"Yes, thank you."

I almost didn't wash my hands. I mean, who does that?

As luck would have it, I had to do the two again, same place, same stall even. No creepy state of Florida employee. Yes, he was an employee of the state. Apparently concerned that a tourist used too much paper, which I didn't by the way, just so the record is straight on that.

The kids, minus our plus one, in front of one of the many Christmas trees at Disney World. This one was in Downtown Disney, near The Earl of Sandwich. Don't they look happy? Or maybe tired? I mean we did just spend some twenty plus hours in a car.

Here they are with Mr. Potato Head. I think they are still getting used to the sunshine, we hadn't seen it in a while, so they were kind of freaked out by it.

Here's Stitch spitting on us, no really, the kids love getting spit on by Stitch. At least I think that was why all the kids were congregating there. Either that or they didn't want to go shopping in the ginormous World of Disney store. Downtown Disney equals lots of shopping opportunities, and is a great place to start our little trip.

More later...