Saturday, January 3, 2009

Supply and Demand? Really, Wendy's?

I have no plan.

I have no notes.

I have no idea how this will end up.

I have no idea what I am going to write.

I have no idea if my title will work, as it hasn't been written yet, and I will refuse to go back and change any of what I have already written. I'm funny like that.

Today is Saturday, and it was a great day. Wanna know what I did the most? Sure you do. It all had to do with these five words, "I have to go Dad." I swear I took Danny to the bathroom at least twenty times today. I can't wait until that next step in potty training, you know the one where he asks, and I say go for it, and he goes all by himself. Yet, I am also not looking forward to that day, because you know, he becomes less dependent. Yeah, it's still tough to get used to, even after six.

Currently the Colts and Chargers are in overtime tied at seventeen. That sucks. I really wanted the Chargers to get their butts beat. I don't like the Chargers, sorry.

I think I need to change my schedule around, or at least add a morning session for the blog, because I get a little loopy the later it gets.

Hey gang, apparently Walt Disney World bookings are WAY down for the next three months, and they are giving you seven nights for the price of four. Now might be a good time to get yourself a nice little trip.

Oh quit talking about Ed Hochili, the Chargers should rot in Hell. Crap! They just won. Now we'll see if my writing turns mean and bitter, eh?

So I was going for a little walk today, when I saw some white fluffy bunnies. I thought this was odd, because my neighborhood is full of wolves, that like to eat said bunnies, but maybe these bunnies were just new to the neighborhood.

Sure enough, as I continued along my walk, here come the wolves, and they looked hungry. Now you might be wondering why I wasn't afraid of these big, bad wolves.

Who says I'm not afraid?

But, I know that these wolves always pass up my massive, meaty smorgasbord, and go for them bunnies.

Weird, isn't it.

These wolves did just pass me by, without even a second glance, and continue on towards and easy snack.

**** See that, even with the Chargers quarterback and Tight End talking, I still wrote a lovely tale about a walk, with no blood or violence. No I don't think that this is making any sense either, but it sure doesn't stop me, right?****

Just for anyone that wants to hear this -- I think Wendy's new commercials are just plain stupid. Oh, and they can retire the Geico caveman now, as well.

Okay, have to get some sleep, Mass tomorrow, celebrating the Epiphany, although the three kings won't be stopping by until Tuesday. Here's hoping that they leave some gold this year. :)

Good Night, and God Bless!