Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hats from the House of the Mouse!

Having over a thousand pictures from our trip to Disney last month has made for a challenge for me, in trying to figure out how I should present them. A fun challenge, but also a timely one. Hey we all have time, right? So today, I am presenting you with a hat theme. Yes, I said hats. Because we're cheap smart, we take pictures of various hats that we like while in the store and leave with our money still firmly in our pocket.
Of course there are exceptions to the statement above, because sometimes the kid looks too cute with a hat, and we HAVE to get it. (Danny with Buzz)
Oh, and Mommy looks cute too. :) Even when she is wearing Danny's hat.
Benjy is just being Goofy!Jessie is also being Goofy.
Here is Princess Maggie riding in the front of the monorail, on her 'birthday' (we celebrated three of the kids birthdays while we were down there - Andy, his is the twenty-third so it wasn't too much of a stretch, Maggie, hers was the second of November, and Jessie who turned eleven on October twenty-fifth). I guess we will just have to go back again for Danny and Benjy's birthdays now. Bummer. :)Andy is being a pirate, maybe he was their priest. :)

This is Dominic, our plus one. Uh, no comment.

Here is Jessie and Maggie in their Minnie Mouse Christmas hats - we just had to get them!

Katie is more of a Tinkerbell kind of girl. :)

Me, I'm just a big Grump! I would have bought this hat, but apparently my head was too big, go figure.

Have a great day!