Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fun Monday For May

Since nobody signed up, or at least they didn't tell me about it, I will continue to host Fun Monday through the month of May.

Okay you can keep your applause and tears to a minimum.

No really, Mom, please stop.

So, for this Monday, if you choose to participate and assuming that you haven't found a different Fun Monday home, here is your task.

For this first Monday of May I think we should talk about what is true and dear in every one's heart, the NHL playoffs! Okay, I'm kidding, I mean everyone knows that the really good hockey doesn't start for a couple more weeks, right? So instead let's us discuss what kind of plans we have for the summer season. With the economy, and gas prices being what they are, will you be traveling during the summer months or staying close to home?

I'll set up the teasers later for the rest of the month, unless of course, someone else wants to do it. :-)