Friday, April 22, 2011

Fun Monday - Cave or Water?

Anyone want to host Fun Monday for next month? Let me know, so that I can pass the baton. Now onto this week's challenge...

Welcome to the final week of April, hope everyone is having a pleasant weekend.

This week's challenge is going to be about a post-apocalyptic world. Doesn't that sound like fun? Anyway, here is the deal... You knew that the end was coming and prepared yourself for it. In one scenario, you have fashioned a cave into a home for yourself, safe from all the bad stuff on the outside, and you have stocked enough supplies to last for a minimum of twenty years figuring that would be as long as it would take for the bad stuff to clear. In scenario number two, you have acquired a fifty foot boat, yacht if you'd like, and have prepared it in the same manner. The cave has a natural stream flowing through it, and the boat has a desalination device on board, so water will not be a problem.

Your challenge is to pick one of the scenarios and explain why you chose one over the other. See how easy that is? By the way - you cannot bring the boat ashore and you are not able to come out of your cave.

Now, if you don't want to try the above, then I will ask you for a list of your ten favorite books, albums, television shows and vacation spots of all time. That's four separate lists, for one post, not one of the four.

Don't forget to think about taking over for May, just let me know, otherwise I might have to do it myself.