Monday, May 2, 2011

Fun Monday - VaStayCation Time!

The question for this week was this...

With the economy, and gas prices being what they are, will you be traveling during the summer months or staying close to home?

That's my answer in a picture.

Now remember this, and shake your head sadly if you will, gas prices weren't even in the $3 a gallon range when we started planning this, and we're hoping that they stay under $5 a gallon. That being said, I would still go even if the prices were in the $10 a gallon range, we just wouldn't eat as much.

It's a great vacation diet.

We can easily justify driving across the country to visit the "Mouse House" because we haven't really gone anywhere in over a year, and we could all use a little break, right?

As for what we will be doing, or where we will be going after returning from Walt Disney World? That's where the "staycation" comes in, and not necessarily because of gas prices, because as a buddy of mine a long time ago told me; "It doesn't matter if the price was $2 a gallon, you need it to get somewhere, so you pay it." I wonder how he feels now, as this was nearly twenty years ago he said this.

No, this is why we won't be going anywhere else... You have two volleyball players, one soccer player, five camp goers, etc... Yep, we'll be a bit busy over the kids summer "break" running them from camp to camp.

Life is good.

How about you? Any plans for summer travel?

*** I wonder when will Webster's start including "staycation" in their dictionary? ***