Friday, April 22, 2011

Hayley's Horror

The rules...

Friday: come back for the rest of the story and share your version using the suggested prompts -- a couple sentences, a few paragraphs, or a short story.

This week's gossip:
  Hayley Black
What:  camera, discovery, snoop, letter
Where:  graveyard
First Line:  This isn't where she wanted to be.

Where will we go with this? Let's find out, shall we?

This isn't where she wanted to be.

I mean sure a graveyard has it's pluses, especially one as old as St Mary's, but today it is just full of sadness and Hayley Black couldn't help but think it was all her fault. Curious as a cat Hayley would always snoop around her relatives homes whenever she made a visit. Thinking that she was the next Nancy Drew, carrying around her camera to document her latest discovery.

It was all fun and games when she did it as a child, and she really knew better than to do it as a professional photo-journalist, all that practice as a kid paid off, but she still couldn't help herself. So when she was at her Aunt Babs house a couple of weeks ago, she came across the letter.
A love letter. 

A recent love letter. 

A recent love letter, not from her Uncle George.

It was also the first time she had ever been caught, as Hayley didn't hear her Aunt come into the room behind her. Nothing could be said, and nothing was. The eyes, as they say, did all the talking for them. Hayley's were full of sorrow and her Aunt's, full of guilt.

Now she was here at her Uncle's funeral, while her Aunt was still in intensive care after being involved in an explosion at the local gas station and didn't know whether to feel relief at the fact that her Uncle died not knowing, or anger at her Aunt for betraying him that way. What she really did know though was...

This wasn't where she wanted to be.

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