Friday, April 8, 2011

Babs Watson

Just cleaning out my old drafts...

Who:  Babs Watson
What:  a fur coat, phone call, jealousy, push
Where:  a taxi
First line:  Babs threw her bag on the floor and burst into tears.

That, my friends is where I start...

Babs threw her bag on the floor and burst into tears.

She was a mess and knew it, but didn't need to have a phone call remind her of all those inadequacies just the same. I mean who does her brother think he is anyway? She's the oldest and she should know what to do in a situation and not have to be bailed out by some punk kid seven years her junior.

Okay, so he is forty-seven and the vice president of the bank but really she didn't need to hear his crap. Especially with it stemming from his jealousy of her situation with her latest love interest. The fact remains that the fur coat she gave to her sister in-law, was just going to be wasted sitting in her closet.

This latest incident was just going to push Babs away from her family even more so than she already was, and instead of being a "Chreaster" - one who visits only around Christmas and Easter - she might just wait a few years before visiting again, even though she dearly loved her nieces and nephews.

"Here's your stop ma'am," barked the taxi driver, as he rudely slammed on the brakes in from of the Essex House.


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