Friday, April 29, 2011

Who Needs a Prince?

This week's story prompt:  Write your ending to the Cinderella story, but this time with the shoe fitting one of the icky sisters.  What does Prince Charming do?  How does Cinderella respond?  What about the Fairy Godmother?   Write in any format . . . serious or humorous.

Hahahahaha! This should be interesting...


By Royal proclamation PC-673, I hereby announce that there will be a special fitting for all the ladies of the land. It seems that our your Prince has found the love of his life, yet does not know who she is. All is not lost, however, as the young lady left something behind that will uniquely identify her to the Prince. So ladies of the Kingdom, please make your presence known at the palace starting at nine in the morn, sharp."

"What's that all about Cin?"

"Oh, the Prince has made it known that all the women must flock to his side for a fitting of some kind. I can only imagine what it is for, but I suspect it might be about the slipper I lost."

"Oh, so you are the future Princess then?"

"Don't be silly. Why would I want that? Besides, as far as you know I wasn't at the ball last night, remember?."

"That's right, I forgot you are just a poor housemaid that never gets out because of your evil stepmother and her two obnoxious sisters."

"And that's the story I'm sticking with. No need to settle down with some misogynist that thinks he is in love with me because of a couple of dances."

"I thought you liked the Prince?"

"I did, until that announcement. Now I need to find my Fairy Godmother and see if I can get her to do something for me."

So it came to pass that all the ladies in the land, with the exception of Cinderella made their way to the palace to try on a glass slipper, that the Prince was sure to be his young lady love. Hundreds of fair maidens tried, unsuccessfully, to get the glass slipper to fit. Finally the Tremain sisters were all that was left and the Prince was certain that his lady love could not be one of them. Alas, a proclamation is a proclamation so he had to prove them unworthy of his love.

Anastasia, the fairer of the two (which wasn't saying much, let me tell you) tried to cram her foot into the glass slipper, to the point where those around her were concerned for her health. They hadn't seen that shade of red on a face since good Uncle Philip got kicked in that place that good Uncle Philip's do not like to get kicked, it was pretty bad.

"My good lady," coaxed the Prince, " please refrain from trying to get the slipper onto your foot, as it is quite obviously too small for you."

"B-B-B-But," Anastasia stammered, "I almost have it on."

"Please allow your lovely sister to take her turn trying it on."

Drizella, with her greasy hair, blemished face and foul smell stepped up to the chair to have a go. The Prince felt relief when he saw her foot appeared to be even bigger than her sisters, especially with the big toe nail sticking out like that.

To say that he was surprised that the slipper actually fit Drizella like a glove. Although he was not nearly as surprised as Drizella was. The royal wedding date was set for fifteen days hence. 


Cinderella sat at home and watched all of these proceedings from the comfort of her home, eating popcorn and giggling to her hearts content.

And legend has it that they did not live quite so happily ever after, especially once Lady Tremain got her hands on the palace.