Friday, April 8, 2011

Fun Monday - Mouse or Rabbit?

Back from the resounding success of last week's Fun Monday, we have some more fun in store for you! By resounding success, I mean that I have never had any spam of any kind here at A screed in Time, and I got not one, but two entries of the spammy nature on my Mr Linky. How awesome is that? And by we, I of course mean me, because I am a solo artist.

I digress. This week I have a new challenge for you and one that I think will be pretty easy, so I'm hoping that you all will participate and have fun along with me. The question is this, Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny? Which is your favorite and why? See easy as pie, although I have heard that making pie isn't nearly as easy as this will be. Have fun with it, and if you have a special memory with one, or both, of these characters; by all means share.