Thursday, February 28, 2008

On the Sixtieth Day, They Rested

Now the fine folks at Blog365 (you know, the reason I am blogging every day) decided at the beginning of the year, that tomorrow February twenty-ninth (leap day), would be a day of rest. Why sixty days in, as opposed to, one hundred eighty days is beyond me.

I like taking breaks as much as the next guy, but I think that it would do more harm than good. Too me at least. I enjoy doing this, and I feel that I might even be getting a little better, both in content and writing ability. Well, at least I have had lots and lots of practice, right?

Now, I wonder if I can do a floating holiday, of sorts. You know, take July 4 off instead of February 29? Who do I need to talk to about this predicament? Where is your manager? Who am I kidding, by then I'll have one-hundred eighty-seven days in. Do you really think that I'll want to stop then.

I'm already thinking of contingencies to blog daily from Disney World, in DECEMBER!!

Yes, I have been bitten by the blog bug, and it feels good. Maybe I have finally found my drug, eh? I wonder if I can get paid to do this? Probably would have to clean it up a bit, grammatically, but I think I could do that. All I have to do is write the posts out first, then post.


I should be able to do NaNoWriMo for sure this year. No excuses, except maybe blogging. I've only "tried" to do it for the past three years, with the total number of words equaling less than the number of fingers on one hand, that is being used to pick some 'gold' out of my nose.

Yes, if you are still with me, after that, my word count total for all three years combined is: Zero. I had noble ambitions each and every year, and refuse to "prepare" for the month, thinking that it was cheating. I mean if you write an outline of what you are going to write, then... know what I'm saying?

Plus, I'm not an outline kind of guy anyway.

This will be the last sentence for this entry, how long it is, depends on how long I continue to type without hitting that period key, over there, because I can ramble on, as many of you have noticed if I were to post a comment on your blog, either because I found you witty or deep, or maybe it was deeply witty.

Okay, I lied. :)