Saturday, March 1, 2008

Back From A Mandatory Break

First off, I'm back!!

Nobody even missed me. I feel so unwanted.

Okay, feeling self-pity time is over.

I actually can't believe that I went the whole day without blogging, my family would be in shock, if they were here. Alas, they are in Minnesota at the International Owl Festival. Well, the girls are. I will let Jenni tell you more, over there, when she gets back.

I tease, because I care.:)

My next task will be to come up with a list. Yes a list, because the fine people over at have decided to mess with my brain a little bit, and start a newer and much more fresh contest.... themed months. Hurry up and join the fun before the first day is over. You have three hours and fourteen minutes, locally, from this moment in time.

Or something like that.