Monday, February 18, 2008

Teenaged Angst and Blood

The joy of teenagers!

One minute they are all smiles and happy and helpful.

The next, spawns of the Devil!

What the heck gives? I mean we have gone through all of this before with LHS. Now, it's Benjy's turn. Testing the limits of his mother and myself. I am trying to not do the same mistakes that I made with LHS. But, you know, sometimes you just want to smack them around a little bit.

Next up... three teenaged girls. (Lord give me the strength...)

On a completely different subject, Manic and her blood drive were a resounding success! 33 donors - that's 99 lives saved by one little blog in the great big blog universe. If anyone read about it here and went on to donate, thanks! I wish I had half the traffic Manic did to have made it a bigger splash in the world of blood donations. Don't forget, even though the blood drive is over, there is still a need for more so go and visit a blood center near you.

The weather got extra chilly again, lest we forget that it is still winter. Just thought I would mention it. :-)

Tomorrow should be an interesting day at work. Not one, but two, performance reviews. In fact, I need to come up with a performance plan for one person. I have most of it done, so I will start off the day with that.

Yea! I can hardly wait.

Good Night.