Saturday, February 9, 2008

Pitchers and Catchers Report!


Can hardly wait. I already have my league set up for fantasy baseball, which has come to be a fun thing to do for me and our little group. In fact, we have added a couple of new players and are more than willing to accept anyone else. At least until the twenty slots are filled.

What that boring paragraph was really trying to say was, if you would like to join my fantasy baseball league, let me know and I will send you an invite. It is totally free and for us that play it, fun.

As a bonus, you tend to pay more attention to other teams, along with your favorites, because your players come from all the teams in Major League Baseball.

One last baseball note for you all. LHS has started already listing hi "wish-list" of games he would like to attend (i.e. Dad, can you buy me some tickets).

His choices are: April 2 against Milwaukee - Okay, let's think about this, it is in early April, in Chicago, on a Wednesday afternoon. Cold, not winter-like cold (high of 2 tomorrow, can't wait), but pretty cold to be watching a baseball game, especially a game that will have a fair share of errors due to it being the beginning of the season. (Ed: That was an extremely long sentence there buddy, gonna lose some readers if you keep that up) Did I mention that it will be cold? Then it falls on a Wednesday, now LHS and all my kids are homeschooled so there won't be a problem with the truancy officer, unless school work isn't done of course. Considering LHS's history, you make that call. Oh, and it will be COLD!

May 29 against Colorado (the National League Champion Colorado Rockies) - The only thing that I can complain about here is that Colorado tickets might be harder to come by. However, not nearly as hard to get as,

June 29 at the Chicago White Sox. Okay, this series, as well as theseries in Wrigley sell out almost before they actually go on sale. That will not be an easy ticket to get, plus it will be very crowded - and I don't like crowds, well the traffic after being with the crowds. Plus, there is so much vitriol involved with these games that my tender little ears will just be blushing all afternoon. :-)

Finally, and I can't remember the date (if I got the three other dates correct, it'll be remarkable) is against the St. Louis Cardinals. If there is a bigger rivalry than the White Sox, it would be the Cardinals.

Like I said, a "wish-list."

In other news... Apparently, the bottom is about to drop, temperature-wise. Like I mention earlier, our HIGH tomorrow will be 2 degrees Fahrenheit. Oh and windy as well, so we are talking wind chills in the 25 to 30 below zero, so we get to snuggle up in the house and stay warm. We even cancelled our pryer group for tomorrow because of the weather.

Saw my first 'Global Cooling' article yesterday. Seriously. I just wish I could find it again, so you all wouldn't think I was making it up. All I have to say is, this is a great big planet, with lots and lots of room, and I find it hard to believe that we, as in the human race, are responsible for the heating and cooling of the planet. Consider that when Mt. St. Helens exploded (I use this, only because I cannot think of anothe volcano), it left a larger 'carbon footprint' than all of the motor vehicle in the USA, today. Running. At the same time.

Don't worry about "Big Blue," when she's had enough she'll do something about it. Just ask the dinosaurs.

Okay, I'm done... For now. :-)