Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Boys and I Went on a Little Trip

So the boys and I decided to cash in my Christmas present today and went to the Blackhawks vs. Avalanche game at the United Center. We arrived at 10:59 and it was 46 degrees Fahrenheit - in case the picture didn't tell those words. :-)
As you can see the weather was overcast, but the temperature wasn't bad, at all. Remember we have been experiencing a lot colder weather recently, so 46 feels like summer... almost. This is how we park our cars in Chicago at sporting events. Unless you pay an additional seven dollars for "easy out" parking. Newsflash for anyone that wants to spend that extra cash - you will still have to wait in the same traffic, so why not relax and save some money.As I said earlier the clouds were everywhere, and low. That building in the middle is about half of the Sears Tower. The rest is up there, somewhere. The weather didn't keep the fans away though, as they sold out all 21,715 seats. The public address announcer stated that it was the first time sine the Hawks moved to the United Center, in 1994-95, that this has happened. See boys, we were a part of history. Way Cool!!The front Marquee. Technically it's the back of the building, but that's okay. This is the entrance we used.Here is a picture of the boys in front of the Chicago Bulls emblem - could have walked a hundred feet further east and taken the picture in front of the Chicago Blackhawks emblem, but no. That would have made too much sense.The United Center is the house that Michael built. Michael Jordan that is. That's his statue down there...Here is the view from our seats. Not bad for $10. Benjy mentioned that they had to pay for a convenience fee when they got the tickets, of $5.25. What's up with that, I ask? I mean really, what is the convenience that I am receiving afterall? Gotta love Ticketmaster.Our seats and free shirts. Pretty cool. I gave mine to someone that didn't get one, they looked like they really wanted it, so what the heck. Besides it would have fit me, maybe once, before it got washed and shrunk. They did appreciate it though.Some of the storied history of the Blackhawks. Unfortunately they haven't won the Stanley Cup since 1961, but who is counting anyway, right? It didn't seem to bother the 21,715 people in attendance at today's game.This is who we came to see...My new car! Okay, not really, but wouldn't that be fun to drive? Come on admit it, you want to do it now, don't you. While I am thinking about this, they actually had a winner at today's game of some tickets on United Airlines. First time I have ever seen it in all the games I have been to. What they do is pick a young kid, around 6-10 years old, then they pick some guy (always gets booed), then they have an attractive young lady, that naturally gets cheered. Today they even had a bonus contestant playing for the Blackhawks charity.

Anyway, the kid almost made it, the young lady hooked (to the left) all three of her shots (still got cheered), the celebrity shooter (I think he works at a local radio station, never heard of him, but he was playing for the Blackhawks charity) came literally four inches from winning. The dude, that everyone boos, actually made it on his third and final shot. Finally we cheered!

I should explain what it is they are shooting at, I guess. Each contestant shoots at a goal that has a board on it with an opening wide enough for, maybe two pucks, right in the middle of the goal. It really isn't an easy shot, especially for the adults who have to shoot from the red line first, then halfway between the red and blue line, and finally from the blue line. The kid shoots his/her first from the blue line and then gets closer on his second and third shot.

Whew! That was a lot more than I thought I was going to write. Did I mention that I wanted a Zamboni?!?Warming up on the cold ice. And no one ever runs into each other, such talent. :-)What you should NEVER do during game play. You can't see the game when people are standing up in front of you. Bad, bad people.

Face Off! Colorado dominated on the faceoffs, and that was about it. In fact at the beginning of the second period, with Chicago leading 1-0, the Avalanche had an great opportunity with nearly a whole minute of 5 on 5 play. No goal. To make matters worse, Chicago scored a minute after the power play. 2-0 Chicago. The result....

Here is a shot of 'Sweet Home Chicago,' it's sktline would have shown up better without that brown building there. As you can see the skies cleared up after the Hawks won. The drive home was only about an hour, which is maybe fifteen minutes longer than normal. Oh and I was able to pull right out of my parking space. The easy out people had to wait for traffic to lighten up before pulling out. Probably the only time that happens. :-)Overall, me and the boys had a great time and even though the Avalanche lost, it was still fun. Thanks again boys, it was a great Christmas present. Now I have to work on getting some Bears vs. Eagles tickets. I still have a couple of months to figure that one out.