Saturday, February 23, 2008

I Have 122 Minutes

to come up with something here, or else I will have failed to Blog 365.

No pressure.

Actually there is, because for the first time in fifty-odd days, my mind is not working. Okay, it is working, but it just doesn't seem to have that pizazz that I like it to have. Jenni says I'm a little wound up, or was it tightly wound? Either way, it is not good for the writing process, especially MY writing process; which entails, just going for it.

I still need a catalyst though.


This sucks, let me tell you. I mean I could understand if I was writing great fiction and had a real deadline - not that Blog 365 isn't a 'real' deadline, but if I don't blog, well I can still eat. You know what I'm saying?

You know what I'm saying? What the HELL does THAT mean? I mean really? I am at a loss for words, actually it's because my head is full of giggles whenever I hear that phrase. Kind of like when I count the number of times the word 'like' is misused in teen aged speak. If you want to have some fun, just listen and start counting. THEN mention it to them, and see what happens. It's marvelous, really it is.

Right now the girls are in bed, well Cuddlebug and Magpie, and so is Monster. The other three are at the HIAL conference with their mother.

Okay, Monster just yelled out "Daddy!" Now he is up to six, seven... Okay, there is a pause... I think that he is going back to sleep... Nope. Let me check on him. His ears must have been burning. :) Or my typing is too loud.

I think it was the "loud" typing, because once I stopped, he stopped. Now I am back, for now.

Need a new train to hop onto though, since the other one left me in it's dust.

LHS got the Cubs tickets. Now I just have to get the money from him; which should be easy considering I'm the only person that can make withdrawals from his account - or if I were in Alabama, Withdrawls :)

My Father in-law went through an official mass to make him an official DIT (Deacon In Training). At least that is the best I could come up with, to describe it. So in three years we will have a Deacon in the family, two if you count his cousin. Both will become Deacons in three years. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

Extra space, for no reason at all.

Maybe I should write like Larry King. In bullets. Of course, does he even still write an article? I have no idea, because truth be told, I didn't really care about what he wrote. I just like the short bullets. Kind of like short chapters in books. James Patterson does a great job of that - I know there are others, his name just popped into my head first.

Over at Kalynne's blog you can read what it is like to give birth to nine kids. Some pretty humorous stuff. Especially the twins. Good stuff. If I were to include mine for my six, they would mostly consist of me passing out. Really. I kid you not. One time I had a nurse scare the crap out of me because she was waving one of them ammonia sticks at me. Yes I said AT me, almost like it was a weapon, because I had o leave the room for air. Hey Cuddlebug had arrived safely, I saw that part... I just needed to recuperate, that's all. :) Besides the real fun with her started at out one, the following morning. I'll save that for a future blog... I can tease too, you know. :)

Okay, aren't you glad that I had "nothing?" I must stop, because my oldest children and their mother will be arriving shortly. In fact, LHS just walked through the door.

So goodnight to all, and God Bless!