Thursday, February 7, 2008

Another Long Day

means another short post. Maybe.

What is up with Apple? I mean I went and spend all that money getting my 16GB iPod Touch, because it had the largest memory and I need that, because I keep forgetting things, and now they are coming out with a 32GB iPod Touch. I swear they probably just have a master switch somewhere that they just turn the extra memory on with.

Kind of like cable. You know how they make you sit around from 8am until 2pm, so the cable guy can "install" your new channels. Let's be serious folks, they just want to see what illegal channels you have. Okay, I'm probably way off base there. But. I. Don't. Think. So.

Took the middle three, okay numbers 2, 3 and 4 to choir practice. Actually number 2 was there for some study time with a group of friends that are studying the Acts of the Apostles. I think that it is more of a social gathering than anything else, but they say that they are learning, something.

While they were doing that, I was hanging out by the local coffee shop - they have free Wi-Fi, and I can get it from the parking lot, to check my email. Hey, the church doesn't have Wi-Fi, yet. They are still building the school.

I got up at 2:30 this morning, to get to Adoration by 3am. Truth be told, I was awake at 12:30, and I had three choices; blog (didn't do that), go to Adoration early, or try to sleep. I did the latter, which made 2:30 a really hard time to wake up. Why was I up at 12:30? Probably has something to do with the great pain in my mouth. I'll be the first to admit that when it comes to oral hygiene, I am not the best example. Let me put it this way, when the kids balk at doing the brushings of their pearly whites, I show them my mouth and they commence with such vigor, that you would think their lives depended on it. Maybe they do.

Anyway, I had some work done a while back, maybe a decade or so ago, and it seems like something got underneath it and... Well it's not supposed to have stuff go underneath it. I keep calling it an "it," but it really isn't a crown or an implant.

Did I mention that I had a rough night sleeping last night, and have been up since 2:30 this morning.

Okay, just heard this... Benjy and his friend Dominic had to come up with their own amendment to the Constitution, so Benjy comes up with "Every American citizen should become Mexican citizens, because their food is better."

Maybe homeschooling wasn't such a good idea, afterall.

Okay, I'm spent. I aoplogize for this being everywhere and nowhere. I promise to do better tomorrow. Because...

"The Sun will come out tomorrow..."