Sunday, February 3, 2008


As much as I dislike the Giants, I do find it funny that the Patriots lost the Super Bowl, and now have to live with the fact thatthe were thisclose to being immortalized with a perfect record.

Now the downside...

We will still have to listen to the 1972 Miami Dolphins brag about their perfect record. Ugh. Nothing worse than a bunch of old football players talking about their past glory, against some pretty crappy teams.

Back to the upside...

Football season is over (with the exception of the Pro Bowl, but who really cares about that game anyway?) and I can start looking forward to the 2008n version of the Denver Broncos!!

Here's a shocker! It's snowing again! I think that this is the most snow we have had at this time of year in a while. Kind of nice, if you ask me. If you ask Maggie, she'll say "Daddy, can summer come back now? All this snow is so cold!"

I would say that I didn't go to work all weekend, but I would be lying. I went in for a few hours today, I think I missed it. Now that is talking crazy and I should take a mental health day, don't you think?

I hate black licorice, with a passion. In fact, I will run away screaming like a little child if anyone comes by with the stuff. Guess which of my children are now keen to hat idea? Yep, the nearly two year old, #6. I think that someone needs to be grounded, or at least put in a timeout. I'm not talking about #6, either.

Got a new Wii game today, it's too bad that Lent starts on Wednesday. :-) It's Mario and Sonic at the Olympics. Again, it's too bad that Lent stats on Wednesday.

Fantasy Baseball starts tomorrow, I think. That meams I will have to send out invitations to join, so if you want to be invited let me know. Otherwise, disregard this past paragraph.

Found out that I missed my Ministry Formation class yesterday. That stinks, because if this is a class that I missed last year, then I will have to drive up to Rockford. The good news is that I seem to recall the class, well at least I recall the assignment and it sounds like it is the same from last session.

Here are a couple of "action" shots with the Wii. We had some friends over last night and they got us hooked on the Olympic game. No, I'm not going to mention that Lent starts on Wednesday again.

The first is LHS and Cuddlebug in a running race. See how fast they are running? Of course not. My camera was set for action, so the ISO was at 400, or something like that. I actually used to know, but with today's digital cameras, it looks like someone running. Isn't technology grand?

Next up, we have Benjy, Ashley and Ashley's mom playing along. Actually, I think that Ashley's mom was more of a cheerleader during this event. :-)

#6 isn't playing a game, but he saw the camera and started saying "Cheese." That's what he calls a camera, plus he looks cute too. I read somewhere that cute kid pictures help increase visits to a blog, so there you go, my moment of cute. Way to go #6.

Can I just tell you that writing captions for those pictures was harder than normal. For some reason Blogger is showing me my pictures in HTML, so I hope I got them correct.

That's it from the far-west suburbs of Chicago.

Have a blessed night.