Monday, May 23, 2011

Fun Monday - Mason and Crane

This week's challenge is turning into a serious albatross for me because I really did have an idea, and then promptly forgot what it was. I have been racking my brain all day, and all I could come up with is the following:

(Forgot to remind you of what the challenge was, you could choose one of three, Perry Mason vs Denny Crane, or you could have a conversation amongst someone that works with masonry and a crane operator, or finally you could choose to have a conversation between the American patriot George Mason, and the fictional school teacher Ichabod Crane.)

I think I should work more simply in the future. Anyway, the following will be streaming from my consciousness to your computer screen, hope it works out...

Two guys were sitting at the bar. They were discussing the finer points of something, at least by appearances that is what they were doing. They were getting pretty animated about it, when two more gentlemen joined them; a regal looking gentleman and a timid looking fellow that looked like the perfect mediator, someone that doesn't handle confrontation very well.

Soon after, you could tell that the newcomers had chosen sides and that the argument was about to become more heated, which got the attention of two more gentlemen that looked rather confident of their abilities to solve any and all problems whatever they be.

So now the scene is set, let's go in and see what it is that is causing such a commotion...

"I'm telling you Joe, laying bricks is way harder than sitting in an air-conditioned cab and placing beams in the general area, for someone else to set into place."

"Frank, you don't have the intelligence to handle the calculations of all the vectors, etc that are entailed in getting that beam to the top of a building, while sitting hundreds of feet below the location of the beam."

"Um, excuse me gentlemen, but what is air-conditioning?"

"What?! Don't you know anything bud? Air conditioning is what makes the air, er, conditioned."

"Conditioned to what exactly?"

"Are you being a wise acre?"

"My good sir, I can assure you that my fellow citizen here is not being a wise, acre was it? As I too, do not know what this 'air conditioning is."

"Can you believe this Frank? We got the only two people in the world that don't know what air conditioning is, and they are sitting here at the same bar as us. Listen buddy."


"Listen Ickerstob."


"Whatever, air-conditioning is .what keeps you cool on a hot day."

"I say, does it really? How does it work?"

"Do I look like an HVAC technician to you buddy? How do I know. All I do is hit a button and like magic, the house, cabin or car are cooled down."


"Oh jeez, what are you guys? You act like you are from the 19th century or something"

"18th actually."


"We are from the 18th century, well and some of the 19th to for that matter."

"Oh, I ought to..."

"Gentlemen, gentlemen, there is no need for you to come to blows, especially over something as simple as air conditioning"

"Now Denny, you really shouldn't belittle these fine gentlemen for not knowing what air-conditioning is. This reminds me of my case of the missing identity"

All five say "What?"

"You see, I never lost any of my cases..."


"Okay, sure I lost three, but won those on appeal later."

"Truly? Or are you just trying to pump yourself up?"

"Why I never."

"Guys, guys, let's carry this conversation over at this table, I'll get us some beers and we can have a real conversation like men."

"Sounds like a grand plan young man. Can you get a nice lager...."

We shall leave this discussion and put a pin in it to come back to (possibly) some day. I guess that depends on how much of that lager I end up having. ;-)

Ooh, and we'll be heading back to a more normal month in June when Sayre at Sayre Smiles,  takes over Fun Monday hosting duties! You do have one more week of me left though.