Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Thin Skin

We live in a world full of sarcastic people and I may be one of them.

Okay, truth be told, I am one. Am I proud of it? Well, I do relish in bringing bits of humor to everyone, but unfortunately, not everyone seems to appreciate said humor and takes what I say or write in a manner that is completely different from what the intended words were all about.

I also say that I don't care about people that are thin-skinned and may get upset by a misinterpretation of what I say.

Not entirely true.

Oh, don't get me wrong, I think people should be able to take as much as they give, and usually don't start giving until I have taken, understand?

So, Mr. thick-skin what are you really trying to say?

Not really sure. I think it was starting to be a rant about whiny people but then I lost my train of thought so now I'm just going to ramble on about the state of things in the world until something better comes along.


Yeah, I went there.