Monday, January 5, 2015


You are riding on this train getting fed like a king and treated even better - don't know how that is possible, but go with it. You are thinking life is grand and that there is no place you would rather be.

However, you are forgetting where you came from  just a few short weeks ago, you were working in the fields trying to make non-existent crops grow and praying for a little bit of rain to quench that thirst of yours. Knowing that the lottery is coming and that this might be your last chance to get on that train, you make the long days go by while dreaming of what the train will bring to you.

Now, you realize that even your dreams couldn't match the luxurious life you are now living. The lottery has changed your life and you don't ever want to go back, because you just cannot imagine your life back on those fields trying to make anything grow.

However, you realize that one of your best friends has a better chance at making it onto the train, so you plan on making him miss the drawing, any way possible. You start planning a trip to the canyon with him and start planning an accident that will make him ineligible for the lottery.

Now, the steward approaches you to inform you that it is time for your medical checkup, which you enjoy because following that you get a shower (with real water no less!) and get treated to the finest delicacies they have on the train, including chocolate.

However, you miscalculate the height of the canyon wall and your friend falls to his death, and not a serious injury. You are devastated. Yet also excited because this means that you will definitely make it onto that train. You were number twenty-six and they only take twenty-five.

Now, the doctor informs you, and the steward, that you are ready for processing. You don't understand what that means exactly, they say it every time, however this time there is a look that flashed between the doctor and the steward. You proceed into the shower room and start to undress.

However, the lottery day arrives and to your surprise they do select twenty-six, your best friend would have made it along with you, so all that planning and his death was unnecessary. The name they draw next is

Now you see your brother across from you walking in a line similar to yours, only heading towards a doorway that is labeled veal, and you do not understand. You are entering a door that says rendering and really wish you knew what these words mean.

However, you see that it is your brother that gets your friends slot, well your slot, but who is really paying attention to these sorts of things. Your parents are furious with you because now they will have no one to help with the farm. It's like they know.

Now, you realize that they did know you were responsible for your friends death and that your brother was chosen as a replacement, a punishment. That doesn't make any sense you think as you see the wall slide up to reveal your fate and your brothers. Across the way, you see what looks like a gigantic meat grinder and you see the kids, your brother included, being pushed towards it. You start to scream at the realization that your brother is going to die and be ground up into meat that will be processed for food.

However, you are excited for your brother.

Now, you realize that you killed your best friend and your brother.

However, you are immediately separated and you don't know when you will see him again.

Now, you brother is shoved into the grinder, and you can hear his scream, as your line starts to move forward to your own fate.