Thursday, January 8, 2015

Getting Fit

Over the years, I have become rather lazy, and because of said laziness, I have also become fat.

Not so fat that I cannot wipe my own ass fat, but still, pretty darn hefty.

According to whomever you believe, I am somewhere between 125-150 pounds overweight, and considering that I was still in high school, and not fat, at that 150 pound level, I will be shooting for  closer to the 125 pounds to lose.

So, how does one lose weight, and keep it away?

For one thing, you need to cut down your serving sizes.


Cut out as many carbohydrates that you can.


Try eliminating all sugars.


Stop drinking any soda, period. Drink more water - that has become my new mantra.


Getting the drift here? It means no more tasty cakes and Dr Pepper because you are bored. Nope, you now should eat more spinach, and other proteins like eggs, meat, and cheese. Oh and you should probably get off your lazy ass every day for at least thirty minutes a day. I don't mean just rolling over and onto the bed for a nap either.

Walking is a great exercise, you can walk 30 minutes a day and I bet you will start losing some of that weight.. If you change habits and quit drinking soda - even diet soda is no good for you, FYI, so just give it all up.


You'll thank me later.

Now walking while traveling can be a pain and difficult to do; you don't know where anything is, your hotel has no exercise facility, it's three degrees above zero Fahrenheit with a wind chill of -20. All good excuses, for losers.

Don't get mad at me, I mean until recently - like five days ago, I was a loser just like you. Now I want to be a different kind of loser; a loser of weight.

I have seven children that one day, I hope, will bring me grandchildren. I would like to see as many of these grandchildren grow up and get married that I possibly can. Being a fat ass, won't allow it.

Trust me.

So you have the excuses, but you also know what you have? A Walmart, a grocery store, a mall, guess where you can walk in relative comfort. If you are worried about the spending of funds on many unneeded items, leave your wallet at home, or in your car (make sure you lock it).

The stories you will tell, just by observing your fellow man or woman, trust me on this.

So, what am I saying?

No more excuses. Period. If I can do it, so can you!

Good luck!