Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday Shots #2

Okay, so my plan for having weekly shots has got off to a stumbling start, but I'm not gonna let that keep me down. Besides, you know I have to have some Halloween shots, right? Enjoy.

Innocent Bystanders

Pumpkin Fun!

Messy Work

This is just wrong!

"Dad, I want my pumpkin to look like this!"

Laura Ingalls - played by Katie

Black Cat played by Maggie

'Bubble Bath' played by Jessie

"Trick or Treat!"

The Glendale "Human Being" and a hesitant Ninja played by Benjy and his buddy Dominic.
(Yes, that's my son in white.)

In order to understand Benjy's costume, you have to have seen the show "Community" on NBC. I personally, cannot explain it further, you will have to watch the show for yourself. :)

Happy Halloween!!