Monday, November 2, 2009

Off To A Slow Start

I blame it on leaf-blowing forearm.

Yeah, that's the ticket. Leaf-blowing forearm. It happens when you spend five hours blowing a bajillion leaves, a mere fifty (or so) feet. Who knew work could be exercise?

I know I didn't.

So, what did I miss? Um, the Broncos lost their first game of the season - and pretty badly at that. Do I suspect that the magical season will now turn to crap? Nope. In fact, I suspect that they will lose no more than four or five games all season.

I'd spell out my theory, but then I will probably jinx the boys in orange and blue... so the theory will stay in my head, or posted in some sort of draft zone, only to be made public at the end of the season. Assuming I remember it then.

Hey! Today was Maggie's birthday!! She is now a happy seven year old. SEVEN? How can she be seven already. Sheesh, time sure does fly the older you get. Happy Birthday Magpie! I love you.

I need to make a correction, it's NaPraGoMo (National Pray to God Month), which make way more sense than whatever I wrote a couple of days ago. Maybe I'll go back and change it, but then that would make this complete nonsense.


Anyway, I've been successful (for the first two days) posting for NaPraGoMo and NaBloPoMo... NaNoWriMo on the other hand, I have yet to post anything, as promised. Which can mean one of two things a) I've changed my mind about posting my attempt, or b) I haven't done anything yet. Your guess?

Just remember I have thirty days to write 50,000 words, so procrastination isn't really a good thing. So don't judge me, because 50,000 words in twenty-seven days is only 185 extra words a day.

With that, I bid you a good night! (Now where did I put those ideas for my novel?)