Monday, December 15, 2008

Working My Way Back To Reality


Vacation is over - well except for the drive home (currently we are between Atlanta and Chattanooga, in case you are keeping track).

Nine days of magic over in a flash.

Although some time seemed to last forever - when someone had a blow up (me, or the kids), those are never fun. You know the fatigue-driven moments of high anxiety and whatever. All I have to say is I wish those dang cups were a little more sturdy.

Other times it seemed to go by too fast - Mickey's Very Merry, and in this case Very Crowded, Christmas Party. Who knew that EVERYONE would want to go on a Tuesday night. For the record, our night was the only one that was sold out while we were there.

Then we received the sobering news about a friend of ours son getting killed in a car accident. He was seventeen. No one should have to ever bury their kids, and I can only pray for him and his family.

My daily blog bursts from Disney never happened, mostly because of crappy Internet access, and partly because of, well, fatigue. :) They'll be coming soon though, maybe even all on the same day.

Yeah right.

Okay, signal is weakening, so I must depart. Bye-bye, for now.