Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What Time Is It?


How is that possible in December, you ask?

High School Musical 2, that's how.

Let me explain.

This is the latest fascination by one of my children, even though they call it "Musical 3!"

Yesterday, my first day of my official work stoppage (figures that I didn't post anything, right?), and that is what I had the 'pleasure' of viewing.

I had the pleasure of viewing this Disney masterpiece not once.

Not twice.

Nope, not even three times.

We are talking FIVE times! Yes five, the number after four and before six! Almost one time per child. I think that if Andy wasn't working, it would have been on for number six.

Okay, that's probably not true, because while Andy does enjoy the movie (I think), even he wouldn't sit down and watch it FIVE times!

I should also mention that I did not actually sit through this all five times, I mean I have a Dr. Who marathon that is keeping me up late, and two little monsters (Danny and Maggie) that are getting me up early. They must not have received the memo about my work stoppage.

Back to the latest and greatest fascination with High School Musical 2, extended version by the way. Which means it has an extra song, yea!

Now Roger you are babbling and not saying much... How has HSM2 fascinated one of your children?

I will elaborate ...

In my house, if you walk into a room and say "What time is it?" you will not get a simple "It's Nine o'clock Dad." No, that would be too easy. Instead you get "It's summertime!" Which is, you guessed it, a line in the movie.

Cute, isn't it?

Yeah, it is. Then you get more like this, I can say "I want more," and my child will start to sing the song "Fabulous," or "Get out of the pool," will get the response, "don't get a third."

If you want this child to sit quietly for an hour and a half - good luck! But you can start by putting on HSM2, and get scared by the intensity that this child shows when these images are being broadcast from the DVD player to the television. I mean I hope this child pays this close attention to something really important, like a Daddy lecture for instance.

Okay, that IS a pipe dream, I imagine, but I can dream right?

So which child is so taken by HSM2, you ask?

Why Danny, of course! Yes, the two-year old. He cracks us up when he starts reciting lines from the movie, or better yet, breaks into singing one of the songs. It's so cute.

So cute, that I can hardly wait for the twenty hour drive to Disney World.

I mean it is only ten times I have to hear it, right?