Thursday, December 11, 2008

Best of plans...

So, I had this grand vision of posting a daily blog of our trip to Walt Disney World...
Guess what? It didn't happen. I am currently sitting in the resort watching the rain come pouring from the sky, listening to some Disney movie (Cheeteah Girls 2), watching the two youngest run around between the two rooms, Jenni sleep, Andy is frantically searching for his Cubs hat, Benjy and Dominic are playing football - at the beach, I did mention that it was pouring rain, right?

Whew. How's that for an update.

I would show you some photos, but... the USB cable that I brought along for the ride, is the WRONG USB cable. Yikes!

I am capable of uploading from the camera phone, but...

as you can see, the quality is, eh.

But it's still "magical."

More later, the rain is stopping and we have places to go. :)