Thursday, December 11, 2008

Because I Don't Want To Forget

Me, Andy Benjy and Dominic all went to the ESPN Zone for a very late dinner tonight.

Okay, I went because I am an adult and one child wanted to see the Bears-Saints game. The other two just tagged along for fun, or something like that.

Anyway, I stood in line for over an hour and a half to get in to see two football teams, that I care nothing for, playing in a state that I really don't want to claim anymore thanks to some moronic governor.

You read that right, an hour and a half. And no, I did not vote for the moron, sorry.

To eat dinner.

At 10:30PM. At least that is what time it was when we finally got our food, maybe it was 10:15 but it really didn't matter because, well Benjy was able to shake the hand, not once but twice, of his favorite college football player - Graham Harrell (quarterback for the Texas Tech Red Raiders). The child rattles off stats for Harrell all the time and talks about how he got screwed in the Heisman voting (I agree completely with him there). So he is sitting just over there (three tables away) with his parents when I tell him. I think that he was still in a texting zone with Rene because he kind of mumbled something. After about the third time we mention it, he finally realizes what we are all talking about.

Andy goes and shakes Harrell's hand and tells him that he got screwed with the Heisman, and Benjy just sits there. To Benjy's credit though, he didn't want to bother Graham Harrell, so kudos to the kid for having some manners, right? Benjy did, eventually, finally go talk to him for a little bit - dragging me along for the ride.

To answer your question... No, I didn't have my camera. Figured I wouldn't need it at a restaurant, guessed I learned that lesson. :)

After meeting his favorite player (college), Benjy then, texts Rene. Hey the boy still has his priorities - cute blond girl versus a college football player. He is fourteen, remember.

Anyway, the Saints take the lead in the football game, and then let Chicago tie it up. I'm ready to go, since Jenni wants to be at the Magic Kingdom, when they open at 9AM, but my Bears fan, Andy, wants to stay.


Turns out to have been a good thing though, because Benjy gets to meet Mike Leech, head coach of Texas Tech AND Jim McMahon, AND Fred Bilentikoff (he's a Raider so I don't care if his name is spelled wrong. :) ), and a few other famous, to some, football players and coaches. I guess staying for the rest of the game worked out after all.

Oh, and the Bears won; 24-21.