Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Welcome to my most favorite, and least favorite, day of the year.

It's my most favorite because of all the goodwill toward mankind stuff, and the whole Christmas season that never ends stuff (I mean there were Christmas decorations on sale in September for crying out loud). Then there is my favorite - watching the kids open all their stuff with wide eyes and big smiles, ever so excited that they are getting presents. It's really a great time to be alive, and to have kids.


You realize that besides college bowl season, and if you are lucky you NFL team will make it into the playoffs (GO BRONCOS!), there really is nothing, I mean NOTHING going for January or February even. Granted, if we lived in a state where we could go skiing every weekend, it might not be so bad. But we do not. In fact, we live in probably one of the flattest states in the entire country, Nope, no skiing there. I'm not complaining, really, I mean we did choose to live here and we all love it, with the exception of January and February (for me).

Then you start looking at the kids, twenty minutes or so, after they opened their gifts, and - you know what happens those of you with children old enough to express it - you hear, "I'm bored." Without fail. It must be the nature of children, I remember doing the same thing, especially if I got nothing but socks and underwear for gifts. I really didn't like Santa much that year, but still like buying socks and underwear for some reason.

Oh and one more thing, cover your eyes there southerners. It gets really COLD. I mean this past week was bad, I'll give you that. But it was only for a couple of days. Here, at least for the past seventeen years that I have lived here, it gets really really cold for one week straight, usually in January but it has been available for our enjoyment in February. We are talking the temperature never, never ever, rises above ZERO. And there is the wind, as well. Maybe I should plan my next trip to Disney for mid-January, it has low crowds (a plus), cheaper rates (a nice incentive), and I believe you need your air conditioning still, and can go swimming as well.

Oh well, that bad stuff hasn't hit yet, and I have taken my 'Happy Pills,' so I should be good.

Just so I don't look like a total jerk of a Father, my oldest turned eighteen, yes that is a one followed by an eight, two days ago. I was going to embarrass him with a really long sappy post, but figured that since he is a man now he might not appreciate it as much. Besides he doesn't even read this. :)

However, in case he does, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY!! Keep up the good work and please don't frequent the hookah bars too much, it bothers your mother and I. Just because you can, doesn't mean that you should. We still love you though.

Okay, my eyes are getting heavy and I may soon start to write incoherently - I'm impressed that I spelled that right at three in the morning. Crap, the kids will be up soon, I better get to bed.

Merry Christmas to all, and may God Bless You!