Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Winner Is...

Brooke Burke.

Yes, she is the winner of the latest installment of Dancing With the Stars, or whatever that show is called. Now protocol would suggest that it is all right to post a picture of Ms. Burke, however, this being a family type blog (with a few exceptions), there will be no picture. Sorry fella's, or maybe ladies looking for some style pointers from the attractive former hostess of "Wild On!" At least I think that was what that travel show was called on E!

It almost reads like I kind of have some pop culture in me... don't you believe it. I know nothing!

My older boys were just having some fun with me on Facebook. They are both grounded now. Please don't feel sorry for them, but hey, if you want to see the drama yourself, you can always invite me to be your friend. That didn't sound too pathetic now, did it? That would be Roger Miller in the Chicago network. :)

Turkey day is coming, let the fasting begin.

I just read something about women in France (are you reading Catherine?), and something to do with Saint Catherine and being twenty-five on her feast day. They are called Catherinette's, I think. I found it to be pretty interesting, but apparently not enough to remember the whole thing. :)

Also, who can tell me the great Crusader battle that was won today, a long time ago?

I'll be looking for your friend requests... Okay I'll stop now.