Sunday, November 23, 2008

A New Low?

Yes folks, I am hitting a new low.

My beloved Denver Broncos just got beat by the hated Oakland Raiders 31-10.

This sucks.

At least San Diego is losing, at the moment.

Did I mention that my son is now a Duhawk?

WHAT IS A DUHAWK? The “Duhawk” tradition dates back to 1924 when Loras College was called Columbia College. The Columbia football team, under the tutelage of head coach Eddie Anderson, was just coming off a win over the Wisconsin School of Mines (later UW-Platteville), followed by a stirring 7-3 victory over the then-powerful Kohawks of Coe College. Columbia would next travel to Michigan to face the mighty University of Detroit. In a preview story for the upcoming game, the Detroit Free Press focused on Columbia’s heralded win over the Kohawks. At the time, Columbia did not have a nickname, so the Free Press sports writer took the liberty of referring to the Columbia gridmen from Dubuque as the Dubuque Hawks, and later in the story the “Duhawks.” The name caught on and the Detroit Free Press became the author of this controversial moniker...

More at the link, if interested.

Okay, the Chargers are a driving... Please stop them Indianapolis.

Andy also got his drum set, he's keeping it at his grandparents house.

Dangit! Chargers tied it up at 20-20. Of course there is still 1:30 left on the clock (crossing fingers).

Looks like Twilight kicked Bolt! down in the box office this weekend. Darn vampire love stories, stealing all the tweens. Of course, James Bond is still in second.

So, this game is taking my attention away from what I am saying here... Can you tell?

Almost like live blogging the game, only I'm not.

Two seconds left and a fifty-one yard field goal attempt.... after this time out.

Benjy is walking on some thin ice with his smack talk about the Broncos place kicker...


Alright. Now the Broncos are up by two games again in the suckiest division in football. Whoop-di-doo.

Okay, melancholy sucks, so I bid you all a good night, unless I find something that will amuse me of course.