Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Beginning of a New Age

A new age has begun for us.

The day has finally come and we need to embrace this occasion and treat it with the utmost amount of reverence.

Days like these rarely come, but when they do, well they are awesome and historic.

Our history will forever be filled with what has come to pass, and how we handle it will also be shown.

The day actually was known well before November 4, but we had to wait, because well you never know what can happen, right?

We have been close to having this day happen in our past. In fact, there was a period there from mid-2005 to March of 2006 where, although we knew it was coming to an end, we enjoyed freedom. We also tasted freedom in the early 1990's and for most of 1997.

I, of course, am talking about being diaper-free!!

What? Did something else happen?

So, big cheers go out for my newest 'big boy' Danny on successfully completing potty training.

Way to go Danny!! (guess that means I'll be taking you to the restroom in Disney World, after all.)