Sunday, November 16, 2008

Smorgasbord!! Where?

Okay, I did say that I want to TRY to do something planned and well-thought out, on Sundays, and call it a Sunday Smorgasbord.

Well, I'm still trying, just not producing. Yet.

How about this, a story...

The boys have moved into their new bedrooms. Yea!

Enough said, right?

Pictures? Did I promise you all pictures? I'm gonna have to find my camera then... and I'm too entranced by the snowfall outside, to get the camera. So, that will also have to wait. I think you might be able to tell the difference. Maybe, just a little bit.

Saw the newest James Bond movie. I liked it, not as much as Casino Royale, but I did enjoy it, and will probably get the DVD when it comes out sometime next year. It picks up, an hour after the last one ended, so it is the first direct sequel to a James Bond movie. Ever. I don't think the next Bond (yes there will be another on, I assure you), will be a direct sequel, just because they tied up a lot of the loose ends from the previous movie. If you like a little James Bond/Jason Bourne action movies, you'll enjoy Quantum of Solace, I believe.

Hey look at that, The Denver Broncos won today. Way cool. Better yet, San Diego lost as well so now the Broncos are two games in front of the Chargers. Speaking of the Chargers, they lost today to the Pittsburgh Steelers 11-10. The amazing thing about this low scoring game, is the score itself. Never in the history of the NFL has there been such a score. The score should have been 18-10, or 17-10; but the refs called an illegal forward pass, that really wasn't. Since the score differential is like the seventh tie-breaker for teams to make the playoffs, so the 11-10 score will not be changed. I wonder what the line on the game was...

I can't believe that Target closed at nine, how the heck are they supposed to take my money, if they close at nine?

I'm done now... Good night.

We'll just call that a smorgasbord without links. I can do that right?