Monday, March 31, 2008

The Grand Finale

Okay, I don't know how grand it will actually be, but this is it. The last day of March, thus the last day of lists. (Yippee!!)

So, what kind of list will I make? Definitely not one with 100 points to it. That's just CRAZY!

Can I have a list of one? Has that ever been done before? Let's try it okay?

Actually, I think that would be cheating so I will just go with what is in my head (I know, scary) and we will see where it ends up.


1. Why do the Presidential candidates all SUCK this year? I mean really. I'm not buying Obama's shtick, can't really stand Clinton, and McCain well let's just say I'm not particularly fond of him. The person running for President that I agreed the most with, would probably have to be Ron Paul. Except for maybe the wackier parts - whatever that means.

2. Why is it that Benjy can NEVER get to bed before 11PM

3. Now that the snow is gone, can we have a little sunshine instead of rain.

4. Please.

5. Pretty Please.

6. Do I really want to make a commitment and go back to school? Will I be able to do it and still provide for my family? Ugh. Why do I have to grow up. :)

7. FTB is playing softball now. This is SO cool!

8. Cuddlebug and FTB are doing Irish Step dancing, again, so cool!

9. Baby Girl is going to Disney in a little more than five weeks. My how time just flies.

10. I want to be a successful writer someday, that is what I think I truly want to do with my life. Now why can't I get off my lazy butt and do something about it. There are at least 20 good, if not great, novels in my head. Heck I even have actors in mind to play the parts in the movies. ( Sorry for the bad sentence, it's getting late).

11. I love God and everything that goes along with that. Just try to prove to me that God doesn't exist. Go ahead, give it your best shot.

12. I love my wife. There is no better person in the world for me than Jenni. I really don't know what I would do without her, and don't want to find out.

13. I love all my children and pray that they will grow up to be great pillars in society, or at least whatever town they end up in. And all their kids are just like them! :)

14. I don't really care for my job, and I am afraid that I will be stuck there for a really long time, unless I do something about it. (Like write your freaking novels already!!)

15. I love having conversations with myself. (And apparently sharing them with you.)

16. Is there anything better than ice-cold water to drink?

17. Ice-cold Diet Coke.

18. I'm tired.

19. How the heck am I going to write thirty letters next month, and be entertaining, and thought-provoking, and funny, and I used a lot of "ands" in that sentence. "Ands" looks funny, even in quotations.

20. Check out the awesome two-plus minute video that my son put together. It's down there. Under this post, you can't miss it. Really, just go. This is the last thing on this list anyway.

Good Night and God Bless!!