Saturday, March 29, 2008

They Write The Songs...

That I am liking, at least at this moment in time. :)

Here is a list of,


1. Picture To Burn, Taylor Swift - I tell you what, this seventeen (yes, she's seventeen) year-old can write some good songs. I like all three of her releases from her debut album; Our Song, Tears On My Guitar and now this one. I think she has another one with Alan Jackson in the title, or was it Tim McGraw? Oh well. If you get a chance, check out Picture To Burn, it's good.

2. All Summer Long, Kid Rock - I really don't know why I like this song. It kind of reminds me of Kenny Chesney's I Go Back, because it reminisces about growing up - or something like that. It also samples a couple of songs; Warren Zevon's Werewolf In London and Lynyrd Skynyrd's Sweet Home Alabama. Give it a listen, you may be surprised and actually like it.

3. Beat It, Fall Out Boy - Can't beat a Michael Jackson song, right? (Pardon the pun) Actually they do a pretty good job with it, I was pleasantly surprised and I am sure all of the EMO fans of theirs just jumped off the nearest bridge. Hmmm. That might not be so bad. :)

4. See You Again, Miley Cyrus - Yes, the Hannah Montana girl has done really well. Guess what? She really can sing too. I know my daughters always told me this, but... well you know. Don't be fooled by her being only fifteen (I think), the girl has some talent. I think she already has more hits than her Achy-Breaky Heart dad; Billy Ray Cyrus.

5. In Love With A Girl, Gavin DeGraw - I don't know much about him, but I did enjoy this song when I heard it, literally half an hour ago. It has a nice beat and the lyrics aren't obscene, so... It might be worth a listen, if you are so inclined.

6. Dance Like There Is No Tomorrow, Paula Abdul - I have always enjoyed her dance songs, and this one is no different. I wonder how many of those people that watch American Idol even knew that she could sing - and dance (she is a former Laker Girl, and she has choreographed routines for the likes of Janet Jackson). True she does seem a little loopy, at times, on the show. But I think she is more real than Simon.

7. Mercy, Duffy - This is a nice soulful singer that I think blows Amy Winehouse out of the water. I think she is even sober. :) Anyway, I LOVE this song. So much so, that I have nothing else to say, lest I ruin it for someone. (No, I don't know what I mean, sorry)

That's my list for today. I know, it's only seven, but that's all I feel like talking about, new music wise. Ain't nothing much else out there, that is new - ish. Not my fault. :)

Have a great day and God Bless!