Saturday, March 1, 2008

A List To Start the "Month of Lists"

That is correct folks, the Bug is going to start making a list here on these web pages every day for the next thirty days, thirty-one if you count this one. :)

So here goes:

Movies That Make Me Put Down The Remote, Even If It Is Half Over

1. The Shawshank Redemption -- Simply a marvelous film that is so well put together that I cannot help myself that I have to watch the triumphant ending and redemption of Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman's characters. Plus, I really like it. So there.

2. Silverado -- Something about Westerns that just make me want to watch them again and again. This one is a classic in my mind, with a great cast and better story.

3. Bull Durham -- Baseball, and all that goes on behind the scenes in this great movie that is more about what makes someone a man, more than a baseball player. Does that make sense?

4. Tombstone -- Wyatt Earp's story, and the best of the two that came out the same year. This one starred Kurt Russell as Wyatt Earp, and Val Kilmer gives an OUTSTANDING performance of the tuberculosis-ridden Doc Holiday. Great stuff.

5. The Lord of the Rings (any and all of the trilogy) -- These movies are just so awesome that words will and do escape me. From the magnificent cinematography to the sound editing, there isn't really anything wrong with these movies - aside from leaving out chunks of the book and putting more in where they didn't need to, but I digress.

6. The Princess Bride -- Call me a romantic, or whatever, but I LOVE this movie. Mandy Pantikin gives a great performance, as does Andre the Giant. If you have never seen this movie, stop reading this paltry paragraph about it, and go see it. Go on. Trust me, you will LOVE it.

7. Any James Bond Movie, with the exception of To Live and Let Die (I hate that one, for some reason, don't know if it's the voodoo, or what. I just don't like it. So leave me alone.) -- This series of movies are great, and seem to have gotten a much needed boost by going more 'retro' with the latest "Casino Royale" with a new blond Bond (Gasp!). Lots of fun, and we can't forget the Bond Girls, right? :)

8. Harry Potter and the (fill-in the blank) -- I enjoy these movies very much, prefer the books, but I do enjoy the movies, which are getting better as the actors get older. Kind of makes sense, if you think about it.

9. Any Star Wars Movie, with the exception of the one they are calling number one. It's so NOT good that I can't even remember the title. That's sad, really. Jar Jar Binks... What the heck was THAT?

10. High School Musical 2 -- Don't laugh, unless you have seen this movie and couldn't help yourself from tapping your toes along with the beat, and watching the choreography, and then the love story of Troy and Gabriella.... I. MUST. STOP. NOW.

There are plenty more, but I also have a whole month of lists to prepare. :) I don't think that there was anything in the rules about repeating list themes....

So what can one discern from my list? Uh, maybe that I like Sci-Fi, Westerns, Baseball and teen aged musicals, with a touch of fantasy thrown in.

Or something like that