Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Music For the Soul

Of course I speak of classical music. Now, you probably know where it is I am going next, so I present...


1. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - Composer of The Nutcracker, 1812 Overture and my personal favorite Marche Slave. Nothing like a good Russian composer, in my mind.

2. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - The prodigy, the master, el numero uno in most every one's book, except mine. Must be my heritage, yeah that's it. :)

3. Ludwig Van Beethoven - Who can beat a deaf composer? I mean seriously, can you imagine the talent he had to make such masterpieces. Whew, wouldn't it be awesome to be a quarter as talented?

4. John Williams - Yes, I know he isn't classical in the sense like the top three, but he has produced and composed some of the greatest soundtracks, ever. Ever, ever! Like Star Wars, Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Indiana Jones. Many many more, truly a great artist.

5. Johan Sebastian Bach - Probably sacrilege not to include him in the top three, but you know what? It's my list and this is the way I see them, in fact, I almost bumped Bach for...

6.Antonio Vivaldi - Master of The Four Seasons among other violin masterpieces. I just love listening to his music and Cuddle bug has promised me that she will learn to play the violin, just to play this masterpiece for me. :) (I'm not really going to hold her to it, in case you thought otherwise - but it would be awesome if she did it!)

7. Johannes Brahms - I LOVE, absolutely LOVE classical piano, so you can probably guess where the rest of the list will fall when it comes to classical composers, then again... maybe you don't.

8. Richard Wagner - I enjoy most of his pieces because, they seem to be very, uh thinking of an appropriate word here - Full! In other words there is a lot going on with his music, as with pretty much everyone else's it just seems different and very cool.

9. Frederic Francois Chopin - Pianists can rule sometimes and his music does just that - rule. Some would even knock him up to the top five, but I don't think he belongs there.

10. Johann Strauss - The Blue Danube and The Gypsy Baron are two diverse pieces of his that are fun to listen to in their own way - how's that for being, well non-committal?

There is my list, I hope you get a chance to listen to some of this GREAT music. You should also check out Orff, Schubert, and Verdi among others.

Happy listening and God Bless!