Thursday, March 6, 2008

Places I've Lived

Not necessarily going to give exact addresses, because I wouldn't want them all to be slammed with tourists looking for places the Bug has lived.

Or maybe I can't remember them all.

You choose.


1. Orlando, Florida - Born and lived there for the first two and a half years of my life. Don't remember much of the place, but I have a piece of paper that says I was born there, and my parents tell me it was about two and a half years, so... Who knows, it could have been just a week or two, as well. :)

2. Baldwin, NY - This I know wasn't for very long, because it was just a temporary holdover before we moved to...

3. Commerce City, Colorado - Where I lived with my mom and grandparents, oh and I think that little brother I mentioned a couple of posts ago was there as well. We actually were living with my grandparents in NY, my dad's parents... Need I say more?

4. Beale AFB, CA - I actually remember a couple of things when we lived there. Like flooding the upstairs bathroom, because I used a wee bit too much toilet paper; I also remember walking through a park, barefoot, with my brother and seeing the bee, BEFORE he stepped on it. THEN making the mistake of telling my mom that I saw it. I seem to recall having a sore bottom that afternoon as well.

5. Commerce City, Colorado - Our own house this time: 7821 Larkwood. Go figure I can remember that address. My mom called me a girl here once - let me re-phrase that, she yelled that I was being a big girl. Mom had a big voice. Yep, my friends all heard it. We also had railroad tracks nearby, and yes we played on them. No, nobody got hurt. The only things that got hurt living there were the numerous dogs that leaped over our backyard fence and subsequently got killed by a car. Speaking of cars, we had a drunk driver deposit his car in our front yard once. My dad told me it was my birthday present - I was pretty excited until he clued me in. Plus, I might have been nine at the time, so I should have known.

6. Thornton, Colorado - A mere "big jump" away from our digs at Commerce City, to a house my Uncle Greg built. At least the company he worked for. We used to play "Explorers" while we lived there, based on a television show hosted by Leonard Nimoy. Oh and we road our bikes EVERYWHERE. This is the town where I got caught trying to shoplift a candy bar, as well. I guess it was my 'bad phase.'

7. San Antonio, Texas - My dad had recently been promoted to an officer and started teaching at the Officer Training School there. My impressions, it was very hot. You have to remember that I had lived in Colorado for over six years at this point, so I just wasn't used to it. I also "survived" my first hurricane, well at least it rained a lot. I had my first job there - delivering the San Antonio News-Express, or was it Express - News? Took my first and only flying lessons there. Also had my first crush - Natalie Kosovac. Was voted 'Most Popular' in sixth grade, I think by default because I showed up to the dance. Learned a lot of Texas history.

8. Northglenn, Colorado - Finished my "free" public education here. Learned how to drive here, learned to love skiing again, played a lot of soccer and basketball, and weighed about two hundred pounds less than I do now.(slight exaggeration) Was force to move back to

9. San Antonio, Texas - the day after my graduation. Got frustrated with not knowing anyone, and not being able to find a job. Found a cool radio station, that still rocks today, at 99.5 KISS, and made that fateful decision to join the United States Air Force. I should say I was strongly encouraged by my mother.

10. Aurora, Colorado - For technical school, I was there for another eight months, give or take. Lots of fun, and I think I learned something. Maybe.

11. RAF Feltwell, U.K. - Cool place to live and I had the best dorm room ever, all to myself. Saw lots of castles and Pizza Huts (I had a buddy whose goal was to eat at every Pizza Hut in the country), none of the food there tasted like chicken - even the chicken! It all tasted like fish. I am not a fan of fish, let me tell you. Traveled to Germany/Austria to ski the Alps - very icy, and I was a little disappointed (very little), I also traveled to Munich and Barcelona, Spain and Madrid, Spain. Almost went to Greece, but got tired of my traveling companion, so I stayed with my friends in Spain. Good times. Oh, and I fell in love with my wife, while I was there.

12. Abilene, Texas - Didn't really like a whole lot about this place, except when I drove to Colorado. :)

13. Batavia, Illinois - With Jenni's parents for a month or two, while I found a job, etc...

14. Naperville, Illinois - Our first apartment together, after we were married. Swinging bachelor pad before that! Okay, so not really.

15. Batavia, Illinois (West side of the river) - In an apartment where I wouldn't want to ever live again. Bad people started moving in after we moved to

16. Batavia, Illinois (East side of the river) - The river being, of course, the mighty Fox River! Love living here, love the fact that the kids have way more stability than I ever had growing up (we were always moving every three to five years). We're thinking about a move in the future, either to Byron, near the mighty Rock River or to Hanceville, Alabama, near the might Shrine of the Blessed Sacrament. Tough choice. God will show us the way though, so we're not worried about it.

That be it.

Hope you enjoyed the trip through some old neighborhoods of mine. We'll see you all later.

Good Night and God Bless!