Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I Had Some Drawings On My Mind...

Hey did I forget to mention that this is Holy Week! My how time has flown by, why it seems like just a mere six weeks ago it was Ash Wednesday.

Just a little humor, sorry.

I'm trying to think of something useful and funny to write about, but... I'm in a very serious mood right now. No really. I mean it. Why just look at tonight's list and be the judge yourself:


1. Bugs Bunny - Sorry Mickey, the bunny makes me laugh. Now if he just could get affiliated with a better theme park...

2. Tom and Jerry - How can you not like this fantabulous duo. Yes, I know it isn't a word, but it expresses how awesome they are. Why both? Can never remember which is which, okay I'm kidding, but they are a team!

3. Goofy - Just the name alone makes me smile. I love this guy, and have the stuffed animals to prove it. :) It was awesome a few years back while visiting Epcot, they had a Goofy for a bunch of the different lands: French Goofy, Italian Goofy, etc. Not all thirteen nations, but there is hope yet. Of course, the last time we were there (in September) they still didn't have any new ones. I was so disappointed. I could go on about Goofy, but then it will take away from Bugs, and his one line...

4. Tigger - The lovable Tiger from Winnie-the-Pooh, who loves to bouncy-bouncy bounce bounce bounce! TTFN (Ta Ta For Now). That's Tigger, T-I-double Gah -ER. Maybe I just like his happy-go-lucky attitude, or maybe it's because he terrorizes Rabbit. :)

5. Chip and Dale - Often imitated, but never duplicated. Now these two I really do have a hard time remembering which is which - just see the picture at the very bottom of this page for proof.

6. Elmer Fudd - Yes the enemy, and fellow operatic singer, of Bugs Bunny. Hey, Tom and Jerry are sworn enemies also. :)

7. Wile E. Coyote - How could you not feel for this poor underdog in his battles against that evil and dastardly Road Runner. Plus, remember he's not just a genius, no he is a SUPER GENIUS, and he likes the sound of it.

8. Donald Duck - You knew it was going to be coming back to Disney now, didn't you? I also like the underdog characters, in case you all hadn't noticed. Donald is the ultimate underdog, just listen to the words from the Mickey Mouse club, and how poor Donald gets left in a lurch - no respect, I tell ya, no respect.

9. Daffy Duck - Another antagonist to one Mr. Bugs Bunny, or maybe it was the other way around... No way. Daffy was always the bad guy. Bugs would NEVER do anyone, or anything no harm. Really, I mean that. I think.

10a. Grumpy - Every one's favorite dwarf, that isn't Dopey at least. :) I LOVE the T-Shirt ideas they come up with for this character, and I have a few of them.

10b. Mickey Mouse - Had to include the Mouse, I mean really. Besides I do LOVE his house, just watch the countdown to the left and see how happy I get, as it winds down to zero days...

Hope you all enjoyed this list, if not? Well there will be a new one tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, I hope to be back to a more normal self, thus presenting more fabulous works of art here. Or at least something other than a list, although there will be more of them (only 13 days until April)

Have a good night.

God Bless!