Friday, July 16, 2010

Fun At the Park

Took the family to Six Flags Great America for our annual visit to this amusement park that tries really hard... At least the kids like the roller coasters. Anyway, there were four adults and, I believe it was fifteen kids. It's amazing how people find out when we're making our trip that want to tag along - we're fun that way.

Once we made it to the park, we separated into two distinct groups; those that can ride roller coasters, and those that cannot. Guess which one I was a part of. (It's not my fault that they make those seats so small... what's that? It is? Never mind then). Initially it was just me, Jenni and my three youngest (Maggie, Danny and Timmy), we were later joined by some friends which literally doubled our party. All-in-all we had a really good time and shocker of shockers, the older kids got bored and some even left before we did.

Below is a photographic journey through our day, enjoy.

In line for our first ride of the day - Balloons (note: I really don't know all of the names for the rides)
Danny ready for some flight time on the balloons (definitely 'ready for action')

Maggie sitting in the front car of the Spacely Sprockets roller coaster

Nap time for Timmy, and some 'Yabba Dabba Doo good times!

Timmy getting ready for the train ride!!

Yes, I did cram my rather large body inside this car with him. 

Okay, it's time to go now!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!!