Thursday, July 1, 2010

My First Date

I love that I can visit some of these older writings of mine. Here is an acrostic poem for, well as the title states, My First Date. The way the acrostic poem works is that you write a story with each new line starting with the letters from a phrase (My First Date in this case). It's a fun way to get some creative juices flowing and some can be rather challenging because the lines have to make sense and flow with each other,(with a poetic flow even) and it should be pointed out that the lines should also reference the phrase. 

Make sense?

Here's what mine looked like:

Many nights I have dreamed of this
You and I alone for one kiss.

Finally, the night of truth has come,
Instead of alone, I'm with 'the one.'
Ready to step with you by my side,
Silly thoughts, but they make me alive.
Tonight is the journey we shall take,

Dancing alone out there by the lake.
Asking questions, hearing our plans.
Together, as we leave hand in hand,
Everything is perfect, I feel grand.