Saturday, July 17, 2010

Oh Danny Boy!

I want to introduce you to Danny, my sixth child and third boy...

He is a great kid (I know!) and 98% of the time he is a happy kid. Sure he gets a little crazy every now and again, not to mention he seems to be a little ADD at times. He's four, what do you expect.

Every now and again he gets his "Stink face" on...

Okay, that's not the "Stink face," that's more of a silly face.

I apparently am having a hard time finding a picture of that "Stink face." Oh well, it's not pretty, trust me.

My point of all this "Danny time" is to tell you of a great phenomenon that we just noticed. He doesn't like to hear his name in a song. Now you know where this is going, right?
Fabulous Danny Boy Album

Danny Boy


What? Wait!

See for yourself...

He hates hearing that..

However, he doesn't mind this for some reason...

Have a great day!