Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What is...

A Blog-versary (sic) --- something that I will be celebrating on Sep 27.

Uh, do I need to have a party?

A giveaway? I don't have anything to give, but I can get Jenni to keep Maggie's staples from her head and give those away... Like the Doctor said, "they almost never carry any kind of infection."

Almost never.

What the heck does THAT mean?

By the way, my mind is currently debating whether or not to show you all a picture of little Miss Maggie's head, complete with staples! So, if you see the picture, you will know who won.

Oh, and Jenni may be involved. :)

What's that? You want to know why Maggie has staples in her head?

Well, it all began this morning when she woke up in a great mood because her Daddy was staying home for the day (the back is still too sore for work, in my opinion) and she just knew that he would watch her at gymnastics. She's pretty good at it too, for a five year old that has never even had a tumbling class. I think.

Anyway, that was too far for me to go back, so flash forward to this afternoon. I was on my way back from picking up some extra team shirts for the soccer team I am coaching, and from picking up the second (unknown to me at this time) pair of women's soccer shorts for my son Benjy. More on that later.

My phone starts ringing, it's Edna sending me kisses darling, which means that Jenni is wanting me.

"Dad?" - okay, it's not Jenni, but rather Jessie.
"Yeah, sweetie, what's up?"
"Maggie cut her head, DVD, blood, wanna talk to mom?"

The result was that Maggie had a portable DVD player fall on her head, and put a nice big(HUGE) gash in her head! Yikes.

Well the boys have Doctor's appointments in half an hour, so I get to take Maggie to the convenient care (called that because it is emergency medicine for emergencies that aren't really classified as emergencies by the bookkeepers in the insurance companies, and it's relatively convenient), figuring she'll get a few stitches, or better yet, she'll get the wound glued together.

12:53pm, we sign in.
12:56pm, we check in.

This IS rather convenient, no?

1:37pm, we finally get called back. All was not lost though, as we saw some pretty cool looking fish and we got to listen to some non-technical women talk about technical things. Their phone and network went down, and they were coming up with some great theories, all too asinine to recall right now, but I did get a chuckle.

1:39pm, Maggie gets weighed (okay she has a head wound and you are weighing her why?)
1:42pm, Adult Doctor starts talking "baby talk" to my five-year old daughter. My soon to be nine-year old daughter is laughing, Maggie is just rolling her eyes. Seriously, she is so not listening to the "baby talk" coming from the Doctor.
1:44pm, we clean the wound - okay the nurse did it, I just saw blood and the nurse made me sit down. Me and blood apparently don't mix too well.
1:48pm, Doctor puts two staples on/in my daughters head. I take a picture and tell Maggie that I just HAVE to blog about this. She says no.
1:55pm, we are on our way to Dairy Queen, and Maggie agrees that I can blog about it.

Isn't DQ great?

P.S. - I didn't post the picture because I wanted Maggie to give me permission (hey it is her head after all), which I think I will get, especially since she was showing it to anybody and everybody that came near.

P.S.S. - Funny side note, I sent the picture, to my boys and got one response, from Benjy:

"ewwww! Whats ur problem? I didnt need to c it"

Aren't text messages fun?