Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This Just In...

P. Diddy doesn't like McCain.

Heck for that matter he doesn't like white people. But thank God he lives in these here United States of America, where he can say such crap without fear of reprisals or any other punishment that a less civilized nation wouldn't tolerate.

Now get this...

If I said the same things that P. Diddy says about McCain and Palin, about P. Diddy, I would be crucified as a racist full of hate-speech. Don't bother looking for the link on this site either, I refuse to help him out with his foul-mouthed nonsense. Fair warning, if you do find it (I believe it is on You tube), he swears.

Another thing I found out today... Lindsay Lohan thinks that Sarah Palin is a bad choice for Vice President.


That just shocks my socks off. I mean who would have thought such an upstanding young woman, of high character I might add, would want to settle for McCain/Palin, when she has the new Messiah in Obama to vote for. My guess is that Lindsay Lohan isn't even a registered voter, and will probably be too busy getting her hair done to even bother voting on November 4, if she were.

Okay, stepping down now.


Glad to see the Obama campaign has brought Hope and Change to the election.

P.S. - Okay no more politics this week, unless there is more stupidity to be shared.

P.P.S. - Nope, no more politics... I need a happier subject, like my next post. (quickly looking for happy...)

UPDATE: If you want to compare and contrast a couple of videos, then go here to see the Diddy video, then one from MachoSauceProductions. Night and Day. (h/t: nice deb)