Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Katie!!

Nine years ago today, at roughly this time - well maybe a little earlier, you came into our lives and made our family of five into a family of six. Our little Kaitlynn Ann, Katie, Cuddlebug :)

You came into this world in a flurry of activity, which didn't keep me from nearly passing out (again), but thankfully there was an attentive nurse nearby to bring on the smelling salts. You had a hard time breathing initially because of your "rush" out of the womb, you swallowed too much fluid, so they had to wheel you into the nursery to work on drying you out.

I left you and Mommy at the hospital with the words... "I just hope I don't get to be woken up at 1AM"

Around 1AM I was awakened by your Poppa with word that they had transferred you to another hospital. So me and your Nana rushed to the hospital, surprisingly your Nana had me drive, and she didn't complain once about my lead foot. :) The Doctors said that it appeared that you esophagus was not connected to your stomach - there is a medical term for it, but I don't recall it and I definitely couldn't spell it! Thankfully, that was not the case, however you did have pneumonia, which meant that you were staying over at the hospital in their NICU facility.

Now look at you, a beautiful young lady of nine!

Happy Birthday Sweetie! I love you!!

Turning eight in Disney World!

Good thing that young man was holding on, or you might have flown away :)

A blast from the past - I'm thinking that you are five, maybe six here. (Your Mom will set me straight, if I'm wrong)

This one, I KNOW you are five - thank goodness for date stamps.

Earlier this year with some Chickadees. Way Cool!!

Here you are just hanging around.

Some new friends.

You sure do love Tinker Bell!!

I love watching you fly, you are so brave.

And you always love to smile!

Hope your day was great in Minnesota! I miss you and Mommy, and Jessie and Maggie and Danny.