Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This is Not Acceptable

I started blogging so that I would have an outlet for my writing (because I am always working on that great American novel, don't you know)

However, this month has had a rather lackluster performance, for me. I mean this is just my ninth post this month.


I mean I had a streak of over three months of daily posts going at one time, and now I have Nine! In a thirty-one day month.

Way bad.

Way not cool.

Way too many short sentences.

So, my solution is; to quit my job and post non-stop.

Okay that is the absolutely dumbest thing I have EVER written and/or said.


Okay, except maybe for that time I asked the lady when she was due and she told me... "I'm not pregnant!"


I mean I can say that she looked pregnant, but I will get absolutely no sympathy from any female readers. All I can say is lesson learned. I don't even ask my wife when she is due, when I KNOW that she is pregnant.

Okay, she's not right now, so calm down there everyone. This is not an announcement post. That's for tomorrow...

I have so much to talk about like;

BIDEN!!! - You have to be kidding me? This dude plagiarizes speeches and talks out of his behind half the time, he thinks that he is almost as good as Obama thinks he is. But I digress...

I was seriously kidding about the whole pregnancy thing, now put the phone back on the hook - Mom - and read through the whole thing... Sheesh!

Yes, I am mean and arrogant and I DO KNOW IT ALL!!! Bwah ha ha ha!!!

Never mind that, it's just my evil twin muse.

Where was I? Oh yeah Biden - a Catholic that will try to over rule the Church's two-thousand year old history to fit his own needs. I hate those kind of people, like Kerry, Kennedy and any other politician that thinks they know better than the Pope.

I didn't forget about that braniac Pelosi. All I have to say is that I hope my fellow Catholics will join me in sending her a copy of the Catechism, highlighting the area where it says that abortion is evil, no matter when it occurs. Let us all take a quiet moment to pray for all those lost children, because of abortions....

Miss Sister 2008 - a bad idea that has come and gone. Praise God!

The Cubs are kicking some serious booty right now... watch out for the Rockies though, they are heating up (please don't wake me, just yet).

Soccer season is upon us. Yea!! I can hardly wait; there is nothing more enjoyable than making kids run around and work out, while I stuff another brownie in my face.

Not this year though - I need to lose about six hundred of those brownies.

Okay I'm done. Hope it was as good for you as it was for me.

P.S. - I know that there are lots of other stories out there, but I need to make it last for at least 20 more posts in five days.

P.P.S - I know I should have written out twenty up there, so quit sending those nasty emails. I have feelings to you know.

P.P.P.S - Only Seventy-Three more days until we start election 2012! Get your web domains early

Good Night and God Bless!!