Saturday, August 2, 2008

"How's that kitchen coming along?"

First of all, I wanted to let you all know that Roger has allowed me, his wife, to post on his blog today. What a great guy!!

Remember waaayyyy back to here? And here? Seriously, did you think this project was already done and Roger just forgot to update you all? Did you think he would have finished this a long time ago!?!?! Do you think he should have finished this a long time ago? Well, it's still not done - but look at it now!!!

My Dad helped us put in our three new hanging lights

My Dad also made a small bookcase to fit at the end of our now very long island. He built a new countertop for the existing island and taught ME how to tile and grout.

The tiles were all leftover from my parent's bathroom. When they moved into their brand new home, there was a leak in the masterbath. The builder sent over a whole new bathroom supply of tiles. They didn't need even a third of the tiles! I have learned from my parents - you never throw anything away. The tiles we have now inherited! My Dad even thinks there are enough left over to do the rest of the countertops!

The ceiling still needs to be painted. The area behind the new range needs to be sanded and painted - along with the small area above the microwave.

We also still need to rent a floor sander and get the floors in the eat-in part of the kitchen finished. That's gonna be a mess. But it will look soooo good when it's done. Our new kitchen is so much brighter and we don't suffer brain damage when we use our island now! It's the largest counterspace in my entire kitchen and I love it!!! The storage in the kitchen has grown which will come in handy when we're finally ready to begin our new school year!! Hmm, maybe on Monday we can begin!

<--- how do I remove that!?!?! I don't want to create my own, so I'll just sign out: Jenni