Thursday, January 8, 2009

A (bunny)Tale

The little white fluffy bunnies decided that they wanted to take some chances.

They wanted to cross the river.

They wanted to cross the river, into wolf country.

Yes, the big, bad, huge toothed wolves country.

They were nervous.

They were scared.

They were CRAZY!!

They were also determined. They had meetings, and they made a plan.

First off, they needed a distraction, you know, that unlucky bunny that was going to have to sacrifice him or herself for the greater good. They were equal rights bunnies, so the lady bunnies were in the running to be picked.

Lucky them.

Next, they needed a car. A big car, with big wolf smashing tires, and an engine that would wake the dead. An engine that used a little nitro, for that little extra something to grind those wolf heads with, when the torque of the wheels grabbed hold of some big, bad big toothed wolf hair.

They had a messy plan.

Their plan had one major problem.

They had a "volunteer" - it was Charlie, he was crazy and didn't really care about the other bunnies, the choice was a natural selection.

No, that wasn't the problem.

Their problem was worse.

No one was sixteen.