Friday, January 23, 2009

What a Tangled Web

I think I will try to do my LOST recap, as promised, in bullets.

SPOILERS, there may be SPOILERS...





  • Daniel Faraday know A LOT about what is going on
  • John Locke is one confused dude
  • Richard Alpert, never ages. EVER
  • Jack's beard is dead. Amen!
  • Sun is playing out the whole "woman scorned" bit, to a hilt.
  • Kate is running again
  • Sayid is too cool for words
  • Hurley, probably the best, and most important character
  • Benjamin Linus, still creepy
  • Desmond, no longer at peace, but rather with purpose
  • Sawyer, shirtless for the ladies, and snarky for the rest
  • Juliet, she's still there?
  • Aussie chick whose name I can't remember, soon to be dust methinks
  • Miles, another bad ass.

See what I mean, easy!

In all seriousness, I left last night (this morning) very impressed with the writing and the story. I'm liking the more Sci-Fi bits and have always loved time travel, hence my love of Stargate SG-1. Maybe the island is part of a wormhole. Watch out for those Egyptian gods. :)

Okay, I'm going to go and watch them again. Or go back to Twitter.

Tough choice. :)