Sunday, January 4, 2009

500 Dancers for 500 Posts

Okay, I had nothing once again, well at least nothing worthy of my Five Hundredth Post. Can you believe that I am actually posting my 500th post? Me neither.

Anyway, the title comes from the following video...

Maybe it's not exactly 500 dancers, but it has Michael Flatley in his most arrogant persona, okay maybe not as arrogant as "Lord of the Dance" but close.

So where have I been?

Uh, telling silly stories that occasionally get read, and even commented on.

Where am I going?

Hopefully, at least another 500 posts by year's end, and even more readers and commenter's. Oh and maybe some real writing jobs, and a winning lottery ticket would be really sweet! I'll let you know when I win, I am sure.

Back to dancing! NBC was feeling left out of the whole "Dancing With the Stars" craze by having an international dance contest, hosted by the one and only Michael Flatley - he's the blond one with the poofy shirt.

I think I've seen one actual dance since I turned it on, and that was a Tango.

The rest is all this interpretive stuff - I really don't get it, sorry. Now River Dance (above) I get, and it even looks like dancing.

Now we have India, and she is...

Okay, no more live blogging international dance competitions. I mean, I appreciate that they are bringing to our attention to different dance cultures, but how can these judges judge these dances, unless they know them all.

Ugh. I'm not making any sense anymore, so.

Like the saying goes, "You ain't seen nothing yet!"

Good night and God Bless!


  1. I loved Michael's stuff. We actually saw Feet of Flames when it came to Houston several years ago.

    CONGRATS ON YOUR 500TH POST! That's wonderful! I have got to get on the stick and post more... write more... do more.. eat less... blah blah blah... It's January - I have to come up with some sort of resolution type things, right?? LOL!

    Congrats again. Keep up the good work.

  2. Seriously? 500? WHOA. I'm no where near that.

  3. Wow! Great drum playing! BWAHAHA! No, Flatley was good, too!
    He totally stole the puffy shirt from that Seinfeld episode!


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